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Mindy’s Bio

Chris’s Bio

Mindy was born on a bright spring morning just in time to whip out her Irish red hair for St. Patty’s Day. Her Mother got her into some tap shoes as soon as she could walk, and there they stayed for the remainder of her childhood years.When she wasn’t dancing her little heart out, Mindy was very active throughout her school career in music and sports. She enjoyed school so much in fact, that upon her high school graduation, she decided to leave her sleepy little Amish town and head out of state to attend college.

College flew by for Mindy, great times were had, much knowledge was gained, and much forgotten, but at the end of four years, diploma in hand, she set out into the world.

After Mindy graduated, she had her pick of where in the world she wanted to begin her life. She packed two suitcases and hopped a plane out to Denver, with a feeling that that was the place she was supposed to be. She quickly got to work helping those in need at an area nonprofit and settled in to life out west.

It wasn’t long before Mindy met a dashing young man and they agreed to go out on a date. Shortly after that, she met Chris, who was even more dashing but also sported a pair of Nike high-tops and a Mr. Potato Head button down. The first young man was told to hit the road, and Mindy and Chris lived happily ever after.

Chris entered this world on a dark and stormy Tuesday night. Stuff happened, trees were climbed, badges were earned, tennis was played.

After finishing high school, he went on to do what all boys from Indiana do who like math and science, he studied engineering at Purdue. He got a degree, and then another, and still he continued. For eight years he persisted until one day when an idea was presented to him. Chris was immediately gripped by the idea. The idea said, “you should move to Colorado.” And so Chris dropped out of school, loaded up his car, and drove west to Denver, The Sunshine State.

He found an apartment, found a job, and started making a life. He was having fun traveling the world, making lasers, and meeting new friends. This went on for some time until one day when he met someone entirely new. She was fun and friendly, helpful, hopeful and honest, and she had this spark that he had never seen before. When Mindy agreed to go out on that first date with him, he had a hunch that she and he would be together for a long, long time.

How We Met

Once upon a time in a place called Denver, a group of friends, both new and old, got together for a Saturday night dinner. There was good food, great drinks, and much laughter to be had. It was also the night that two people were introduced (thanks Chad!) and fell almost instantly in love. There was a spark, her falling for his dashing good looks and fabulous 80’s gear and him taking the dive over her dance moves. They danced the night away, walked around a darkened city, and knew they had found something special.

Our Engagement

Mindy is a big fan of surprises and what is a better opportunity for a surprise than a wedding proposal? However as we had been together for a long time and she knew it would be coming at some point, I couldn’t just do the obvious like a fancy night out on the town or a hot-air balloon ride; total giveaway. So I opted for the surprise doublecross; hiding in plain sight.

I took off work a few hours early to get home before her on just a regular day of the week. I got the apartment dressed up, put on some fancy duds, and set up a candid camera to record her reaction. I was standing behind the door when she opened it and I got down on one knee.

And I told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life working to make her happy.

And I asked her to marry me.

And I gave her a baseball hat.


Many years ago (but not too many) when Mindy was a young girl, she had no interest in wearing jewelry of any kind (a preference she mostly follows to this day). The easily-confused adults would ask her,

“If you don’t want to wear an engagement ring, how will you know when someone wants to marry you?”

To which the clever young Mindy would reply,

“Well, he will just give me a baseball cap.”

And so, several years later, I did give her a baseball cap so that she would know that I was the one she had been waiting for.

And inside the cap was a ring, given on the condition that we would spend the rest of our lives together.

And she said yes!

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